Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monument Overview: The Parliament

The Parliament of Hungary

Did you know...
  • that the height of the House of Parliament and St. Stephen's Basilica are equal at the size of 96 meters which is not only a symbolic equition between the profane and the spiritual building but also the eternal limit of the highest size that a building can reach in Budapest.

  • that during the construction it was strictly restricted to use materials with Hungarian origins only?

  • that more than 40 kg of gold has been used throughout the construction?

  • that the House of the Hungarian Parliament is the second largest Parliament in Europe?

  • that the most talented architect, Imre Steindl who designed the Parliament died before the construction finished in 1904?

  • that 40 million bricks were built into the building?

  • that altogether there are 242 sculptures in the building and on its walls?

The House of the Hungarian Parliament - shortly refered as the Parliament - is the largest building of Hungary. In 1881 the Hungarian State issued an open tender to design a building that would permanently host the Hungarian Parliament. Imre Steindl was honored to realize his designs. The construction of the neo-gothic building was started in 1885 and lasted 19 years. One thousand people were working on the House of the Parliament in a daily average and 40 million bricks were built into the 17.745 sqm large building.

The internal decoration of the House of Parliament is just as astonishing as its measures. 242 sculptures, hundreds of paintings by the most famous Hungarian painters of the time and wonderful glassmosaics are decorating the building. The most famous painting in the Parliament is Munkácsy Mihály's Hungarian Conquest.

However the building was not finsihed yet, the first diet of the Parliament in the year of the millenium of state establishment in 1896 was already held in the half-ready building.

In 2000 the Hungarian Parliament decided to move the sacred corona and the royal jewlery into the House of the Parliament. The most important historical relics of Hungary were kept in the National Museum until the refering act in 2000 said that all the royal jewlery needs to be moved into the House of the Parliament to ensure them a place that they deserve and to have them under the guiadence of the Hungarian Parliament.

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